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"Hang Your Head"

New fic. Sky High.

Summary: There is more to Warren's bullying of Will than meets the eye. Will knows this, and it's all his fault. Warren/Will.

    Will had been an official student in Sky High for about a month now, and he still could barely find his way around.

    He wove through the crowds of students in the busy hallway. He spotted a few freshman like himself, but most of the kids were older. Will was already short for his age; he didn’t need to feel even more self-conscious as a group of towering juniors pushed past him.

    He sighed, and remembered the words Layla had given him when he started this new school: ‘You’re going to grow tall soon, Will. I should know. My mom has long since sensed the vibrations of a near approaching growth spurt from you.”

    Will smirked. Leave it to Layla to cheer him up in her odd way.

    He noticed a few awkward looking freshman attempting to lean casually against the wall, and he felt slightly more cool compared to them, even if without any good reason. He noticed a pair of cute sophomore girls heading his way, and he flashed them his best attempt at a flirtatious smile.

    They giggled, and Will hoped that meant he had been successful. He stared after them as they passed him, enjoying the way their hips swayed and how their long hair bounced along their shoulders.

    He was still grinning to himself when he turned the corner, walking straight into something hard and clad in black.

    “Oh... oh, I’m s...” Will managed to squeak out, but was cut off by dark, intimidating eyes.

    He took another shot at speaking. “Um... hi, Warren...” he whispered, realizing who it was.

    The boy answered by tilting his head ever so slightly, letting his long hair fall even more and creating shadows upon his face, enhancing the menacing, sculpted bone structure and heavy brows.

    Will tried to stop his knees from trembling, and mumbled a “Okay... bye...”. He cautiously stepped away from the muscular boy, heading quickly in the opposite direction, ignoring the fact that it was the same way he had come, and that he knew the boy was still staring after him.

    ‘Shit...’ he thought to himself. ‘I’m going to be late to class, all because of that stupid Warren Peace...’

    He was right. He received a glare from his teacher as he entered the classroom three minutes after the bell had rung. He looked down from he eyes, and slid into a seat beside Layla.

    “Hey,” she greeted in a whisper. “Where were you?”

    “Oh... I just got lost,” he said vaguely. He decided not to tell her about the death glares he had received from the long since nominated ‘toughest guy in school.’

    She nodded, accepting his excuse, and went back to taking notes. Will sighed and gazed around the room, not in the mood to pay attention. He had always been an average student in school, whereas Layla, his best friend, was one of the top students already. Will lay his head on the desk, wanting rest.

    When he opened them to check the time, he noticed Layla staring worriedly at his blank paper.

    “What?” he whispered, catching her eyes.

    She shook her head. “Will,” she spoke, “I want you to do well this year. Isn’t that what you promised your parents?”

    Will looked down. “What does it matter? I’ll never be good enough to satisfy them.”

    Layla patted his arm, her hand resting on his a little too long.

    “You can borrow my notes. I’ll help you. We can study together,” she suggested, looking at him with hopeful green eyes.

    “Oh... ok,” he spoke.

    Her face broke into a small smile. “How about today, after school?”she said excitedly.

    Will look at her, realizing her suggestion had been quite literal. “Ok,” he said again, not exactly looking forward to spending his afternoon studying.

    But the look on her face made it almost worth it. Her eyes lit up, and her smile grew even bigger. “Great!” she said.

    The teacher hushed them, and she obediently went back to taking notes.

    Right after school, like she promised, Layla met Will in front of the school, eagerly taking his arm. “Hi, Will! Are we going now?” she asked, clearly excited.

    Will smiled. “Yeah, sure,” he answered.

    She grinned, and the two walked down the front steps to where the school bus stood, a stream of students climbing on. They did the same, entering the bus and taking a seat. Layla chatted excitedly as usual, reassuring Will that whatever they were going to study would be fun, and that her mom had promised to bake cookies that afternoon.

    Will offered his smile as she babbled. He was glad that she was happy.

    They arrived at her house shortly, greeted by the smell of freshly baked cookies.

    “Mmm,” Will mumbled, smelling the delicious aroma.

    Layla giggled. “I told you!” she said. “Come on, they’re in the kitchen.”

    When they had each grabbed a handful of cookies, they climbed up the stairs to Layla’s room. The first time Will had visited Layla’s room, years ago, it was necessary for him to blink a few times to get adjusted to all the green that echoed off every square inch of the bedroom. However, now, it was normal, and he smiled at the quirkiness of his best friend.

    “So, what are we studying?” he asked cheerfully.

    Layla smiled hugely at Will’s eagerness. “Whatever you want!” she said. “Which subject are you having the most trouble with?”

    “Um... all of them?” Will laughed.

    Layla rolled her eyes, but chuckled. “Alright, then. We’ll start with Technology,” she announced. The two spread out on the green bed, bodies dangerously close, Will noticed.

    Although it was much easier to pay attention to his best friend speaking instead of some teacher, Will still felt it wasn’t exactly up to standard. In fact, this was almost... distracting.
    Whenever Will would answer a question correctly, Layla would clap and rest her hand temporarily on his shoulder. As the afternoon progressed, her hand strayed lower and lower, coming to rest on Will’s hand. And by the time they had moved on to another subject, Layla was practically  on top of Will. Her body heat was distracting, and Will wasn’t sure why.

    ‘If this was any other one of my friends, would I be so distracted?’ Will thought, noticing that Layla must have applied perfume while he wasn’t looking.

    His face heated up dangerously.

    “I... I think I should go now,” Will announced. “My mom wants me home.”

    Layla’s face fell. “Are you sure?”

    Will nodded, cheeks still flushed. “Yeah. Thanks for helping me, though,” he smiled.

    She returned the smile and reluctantly stood up off the bed, collecting Will’s things for him. She walked him down the stairs, to the front door.

    “I’ll see you at school,” Will said, and she nodded.

    “Yep. See you,” she answered.

    The two looked at each other briefly, before exchanging a hug. It lasted a little too long than a normal, friendly hug should have, and he could have sworn he felt her face redden through his shirt. They finally let go, and Will started walking down the street, to his house.
    ‘What happened back there?’ Will wondered, cheeks still pink. ‘This is just Layla... my best friend. Why did she act so differently today? And why did I react so strongly?’

    His cheeks turned even redder when his parents asked what he was so happy about.


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